Our Environment and Philosophy

In a world of infinite tastes, we respect above all yours, and our experts are always at your side to help and advise you.

For 20 years, the boutique’s settings and atmosphere have changed according to seasons and inspiration. We like to surprise you and immerse you in the freshness of spring ... we also love to share our passion for the magic of Christmas!

Our pleasure is to welcome and advise you to make your choice of flowers an exciting moment. We will be happy to give you flower care instructions so that your blooms remain fresh and perky as long as possible!

We buy locally grown flowers, but we also work with imported goods. This strategy allows us to give you increased choice and make sure you are offered the best quality.

We regularly travel to find new suppliers and ideas, and generally track trends.

But we also like to share our passion, and this is why we are involved in training. We very much appreciate your tolerance toward our trainees. Please be sure that while they attend to your requests, they are being subtly supervised.

Beyond the shop’s and flowers’ vibrating beauty, we are committed to environmental protection. We take responsibility for rigorous waste sorting and proper recycling.

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